Cel mai frumos apus vazut si fotografiat de mine pana acum

Aceasta este modalitatea naturii de a-ti recompensa rabdarea si de a-ti demonstra inca o data ca ea este mai ofertanta decat orice alt model.

Albumul complet te asteapta AICI >>

One thought on “Cel mai frumos apus vazut si fotografiat de mine pana acum

  1. Defacement of websites is considered lame in the world where these people live. Obviously I’m glad that’s all they did to your site, but you may want to consider looking at security a little closer.

    I’m not defending what these people do – I don’t. I fight them everyday.

    I’m not looking to get into a flame war here, but I know that most website owners look at providing valuable content, SE rankings, etc. but spend very little time, effort or money on security.

    If this perpetrator would have decided to modify your website instead with some little line of redirect javascript obfuscated to make it unreadable to many, your site may have earned the “This site may harm your computer” from Google, been blocked by Yahoo/McAfee and ended up on many corporate/ISP blacklists for being a distribution point for malware.

    Luckily that didn’t happen – this time. Do you watch that to make sure that all of your website software is always updated? Every application on your site needs to be monitored and updated constantly. Otherwise people like this can use your traffic to make tons of money. They do it all the time.

    Cybercriminals also like to use websites to infect visitors – all without detection.

    If you ever need help (no charge) finding the holes in your site, please do not hesitate contacting me.

    Just an FYI…

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