Sit among the ashes of a lost empire,
Cannot really escape from this sweet desire,
And my silent barking cut the air like fire,
With the sound of the love bird on a wire.

Without a tear I cry along tonight,
I haven’t got a clue about this magic light,
And my scared soul involved me in this fight,
With all his mighty power, askin’ for his right.

No other feeling ever bring my life to the sky,
Never before my heart so quickly changed from wet to dry,
And in my every morning I surely know how to fly,
With my fragile wings I flow between the smiles… and cry.

Watching this sunny landscape full of coloured cream,
I search the sense of that magic light in my dream,
And I think it could be Creation’s whispered scream,
With secret, special words, made it for my dream.

Unknown groovie sounds inspire my soul string,
In all the moments of sweet pain that I could bring,
And I want the star dust crown me as a King,
With fireworks around and cristal bells to ring.‎

Gabriel Gaina |

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