My name is Gabriel Gaina. This is my blog where you can find information about me, my websites, my web design & photography offers, my rates and my social networking activities.

I’m very passionate about any kind of photography. I’m entirely self taught in that field through reading, practice and experimenting. Initially I studied metallurgy and marketing, then work in retail, advertising and marketing for 20 years. After working in such environments I become self employed as a web design freelancer and photographer to local and national clients. Since 2006 I have been providing professional services for my clients through GreenSphera WebDesign: www.greensphera.ro

Quick Photo Session | 30 Euro
1 outfit, standing portraits, American plan, bust.
30 photos supplied on CD, including 5 digital processed images.
Normal Photo Session | 60 Euro
2 outfits, standing portraits, American plan, bust. 2 different light arrangements. 60 photos supplied on CD, 7 processed.
Long Photo Session | 100 Euro
3-4 outfits, standing portraits, American plan, bust. many light arrangements. 120 photos supplied on CD, 15 processed.

Minimal Wedding | 250 Euro
300 photos supplied to you on CD or DVD. Shooting at church and civil marriage (NO party), using a professional flash and flash on the camera + 1 Wedding portrait session in a location jointly agreed.
Normal Wedding | 400 Euro
500 photos supplied to you on DVD. Shooting at church, civil marriage and wedding reception, using a professional flash and flash on the camera + 1 Wedding portrait session in a location jointly agreed.
Extended Wedding | 600 Euro
700 photos supplied to you on DVD. Shooting at church, civil marriage, bridal preparation and wedding reception, using 2 professional flashes + 2 Wedding portrait sessions on 2 different locations jointly agreed (1 inside + 1 outdoors/nature).

Other EVENTS (Child baptism, birthday party, shows, conferences)
Rates will be negotiated directly depending on the event.

I can not give accurate prices for product photography but generally it depends on the number of products and compositions required by the client. Here are some quotes:

– Product photography for web pages –
All photos will be edited – 2.5 EUR / product
– Product photography in studio –
Various compositions, all edited – 4 EUR / product
– Product photography at customer location –
Between 100 – 200 EUR / photo shoot, depending on the number of products and various compositions.

Special photography request.
Sometimes we all find ourselves in the position of not finding anywhere the service that we need. That’s why I have created here this special feature for you. EXPRESS YOURSELF !
Whether it is about new visual trends, individual projects, special areas of concern or special people who want to be photographed but no one helps them, I am willing to hear about your ideas and collaborate with you if the project suits me.
Of course, being a special feature I can not specify accurate prices for this particular services.
The rates will be negotiated based on the complexity of the project presented by you.

Feel free to contact me for any photography ideas. You can write me a quick message on the CONTACT FORM or directly at: gabriel.gaina@gmail.com
or call me at: +40 749 146.286


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The Personal Touch    –   Blogul: jurnal propriu sau mesaj jurnalistic?

In decursul ultimelor luni am avut sansa de a descoperi si bloguri interesante… Unele, interesante pentru ca cei ce le-au gandit si creat au ceva de spus, altele datorita faptului ca au fost concepute ca ofertare pentru ceea ce asteapta un blog reader sa gaseasca intr-un blog.

Cel mai recent caz care mi-a atras atentia este un blog foarte inspirat scris de Amedeah, face parte, cred eu, din prima categorie dintre cele mentionate mai sus, poate nu e ceva nou pentru voi pentru ca unii poate il stiu de mai multa vreme (Bravo lor !)  dar mie mi-a captat atentia prin … The Personal Touch

Si mi-a captat-o atat de mult incat am vrut sa vad atat prezentele ei in blogsfera cat si in alte sfere ale Internetului cum ar fi siteurile de Social Networking.

Am luat legatura cu Amedeah si am avut onoarea sa aflu despre aceste prezente pe care apoi le-am apreciat pentru valoarea lor, pentru inspiratia si ardoarea cu care ea scrie. Scrie …. e putin spus … ea dezvaluie, descarca si rupe din ea capodopere …

Va urma…

3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. 🙂 am zambit sincer cand am descoperit, intr-un final, entry-ul asta… iti multumesc mult de tot, sunt unele dintre cele mai frumoase cuvinte pe care le-am auzit legate de ce scriu…

  2. Cum bine spunea un DeviantArt Friend : Cuvintele mele nu sunt gratite Amedeah, le meriti !!!
    Ai un har divin Amedeah si ma bucur ca l-ai descoperit, ma bucur ca il dezvolti, ma bucur ca il dezvalui si altora in modul tau atat de original !!!

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