The Pain of Love
You are the pain inside of me,
Cruel, endless and deep,
Hurting like the papercuts,
All along my fingertip.

You are the bitter-sweet pain,
That I feel it again,
Like the cut of the grass,
On my face once again.

You are the pain I feel inside,
Those times we spend togheter,
Sweet pain deep down inside,
Wishing for such a pain forever.

I wish to spring myself through a window in the sky,
And catch the sun in our room, for now and for ever…

You are the Pain of Love.

Puzzled Mind…
Big puzzle in your mind…
Great Babylon in your brain…
How could I look around?
How could I enter inside?
And treat all your ideas,
Without discrimination?
Because you are in blur,
And don’t know what to think…
To love… ? To hate… ?
What are you enjoying the most?
Turn back to your sweet childhood…
Turn back to the Creator’s words…
Believe in Him and maybe you’ll believe a little in you,
Because He will help you with all His Strength and Grace.
We have wonderful fields with blooming flowers in the spring,
And here’s the incredible Sun in summertime’s June,
Also the long and hurting falling of the leaves in fall,
And the immaculate snowflakes floating from the winter’s gift box.
So … Puzzled mind,
We have it all…
And… yes, here is HOPE!

In my mind
Once upon a time,
Not far away from now,
Some spell came down on me ,
So strong, with unexpected vibes.

It was you that cause me such a thrill,
You forced my eyes to open wide,
And even if I tried to close my eyes,
No chance at all for me to hide:
Your imagine was already in my mind…

And I became a part of you,
And you a part of me,
I stand by your side since then,
And try to understand you,
I cry with you when you are sad,
And we enjoy the better days,
I talk to you, you sing to me,
Together we are strong…

Again you cause me such a thrill,
And I thank you for this,
But what a shame !
Cause all of these just happen in my mind…

The Exception
Some open Windows wait it on the screen,
On that cold February day…
Each of them tryin’ to dive through my eyes,
For quickly reach my brain.

The unexpected warm exception,
Kindly appeared then for me,
One sweet and funny humanly exception,
Into this virtual delivered world.

The smart and amusing dearly girl,
That sparks then in my heart,
One glorious exception seemed to me,
And gived me hope in world.

New York, New York…
Exceptional New York…
Thank you New York…
For bringin’ me my sweet exception.

Feb 2002

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